Diod Laser 2000w - hårborttagning (Hair Removal Laser)

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Super effective product!

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1. World first diode laser adopt with six different spot size tips , can be suitable for whole body hair
2. 1600W peak power, long lifetime 20,000,000 shots.
3. Customized 360 ℃ cooling plate, cool down to 0℃ within 180 seconds, lowest to -25℃, achieve the real ice cooling hair removal.

The item is CE marked and meets EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

Delivery time is around 4 weeks.

Financing: (Interest Free!)

Upon agreement and credit check, customer may pay 50% advance and 50% in 10 months with ZERO interest.

Training and courses:

Nordic Skin Academy deliver Laser course Free of Charge to the buyer. The course worth 2000 EUR which is included in the total price. 

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