Svart Behandlings Säng + Stol+ Rullvägn

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  • 13 500 kr
  • Ordinarie pris 21 000 kr

Vad ingår:
- Svart behandling säng (automatisk)
- Stol
- Rullvägn

The Black cosmetic chair works great in beauty clinics/salons and SPA salons, perfect for aesthetic and cosmetic procedures, pedicure, make-up and massage. It has electrically controlled electrically:
- seat height
- backrest
- footrests

Full control of the remote control perfectly facilitates work. The seat cover is easily washable, made of eco-leather that meets the strict EU requirements. In addition, the armrests are finished with wood, easily removable if necessary, and the hole in the headrest allows you to perform a massage.

The chair includes:
- seat with base
- armrests 2 pcs.
- headrest
- remote control
- warranty

Dimensions of the chair:
- seat in a supine position with a headrest 62 x 200 cm
- height min. 67 cm
- height max. 89 cm
- base 60 x 122 cm

Technical data:
- voltage 220-230 V, 50 Hz
- power 200 W
- gross weight (with cardboard) 80 kg
- package dimensions 170 x 65 x 71 cm
- number of packages: 1

Comfortable cosmetic stool, stable on a five-spoke base, with plastic wheels. An indispensable piece of furniture in a beauty salon.

-seat dimensions, diameter 33 cm
- height min. 45 cm
- height max. 65 cm

Technical data:
- hydraulic
- five-spoke base with plastic wheels
- package dimensions 55x55x22cm
- weight in the package 7.5 kg
- number of packages 1
A wooden drawer will allow you to hide your equipment and accessories. It has a lamp holder.

height: 82 cm-table
top size: 55.5 x 37 cm
Weight: 23kg
The price is including shipping fee inside Sweden only.
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